Tuesday, October 13, 2009

09/12/09 Our Family Shower! Thanks Cuz!!

Bubby Debbie came in from Tuscon

Our friends Chris and Beth Calkins.

Thank you Julie for everything!! I love you very much!!

I cant wait to see the girls in these next yr.

Matching dresses from Hawaii!

They will have a blast on this!!

"I cant believe Allie is a big sister"

The girls will have a blast with this tea set!

These will come in handy!

Another family shot!

Daddy, Mommy, and Sister Allie.

The Potato and spoon game. Kids had alot of fun with this.

Christy, Kathy Jo, Hope, Selina, and I.

My friend Cindy helping with the limbo game.

The kids getting ready to play limbo

Our friends the Pearlman's

Haylee, Allie, and Leah having fun!

Cousin's Rueben and Tonia from California

Our friends Jackie and Jude

This beautiful train was made by Aunt Selina

Cousin Rueben, Allie, Daddy, Debbie, and Cousin Tonia

Me, Debbie and Cousin Tonia, the night before!

Pics from Sept and Oct 2009

"Happy sixth birthday Leah"

"Happy birthday fifth birthday Bryson"

" Calling Doctors Bryson and Allie"

Allie and Rachel after a long day at the mall!

"Maggie caught in the act"

Allie loves to watch Iowa football with Daddy.

Miss Maggie in bed with her BFF Allie.

Bryson and Allie such a cute little pair.

Happy Forever Family Day Allie #2

What number is this Daddy??

Were expecting our TA soon!!!!

Golly Miss Molly, it's been a very long while since my last post and lots been happening. This will be a post about what we've been up to the last 5 weeks or so. We celebrated our birthdays, anniversary,metcha day and our I800 was approved this all took place in the first few weeks of September. My cousin Julie hosted a family shower that was fabulous and about 40-something friends and family were there. Miss Katie recieved some beautiful gifts. Allie has had several play dates in between and so has mommy. I've spent alot of Saturday nights with my friend Shannon and we've scrapped till all hours. We attended a scrapbook convention last week and bought some amazing things. For all you scrappers out there, Cricut came out with a new cartridge called Pagoda it's all asian and a must for us with asian kids :-). This last weekend we went to two birthday parties for a few of Allie's good friends and she had so much fun. Today I will be getting her party invites in the mail for her third birthday. We have chosen a place called " As You Wish" The kids will paint pottery pieces they pick out. Something different. We should be recieving our TA by the end of the month. We cant wait to bring Katie home. I can honestly say that having Allie home has made this wait much more bearable. We've started our flu season around here already, and I was the first to catch it. I hope it goes away by Friday so I can get my flu mist.

Check us out on Rumor Queen we made the front page!! Yippee!!! I said that I wouldn't post there till we were waiting for TA. I hope to stop by all your blogs soon. Sorry it's been so long, but your always in my thoughts and prayers.

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