Saturday, November 15, 2008

Katie's Timeline

"Our Double Blessing From China (Virtual Twins)"

"We cant wait to meet you Katherine Elizabeth Yi"

Allie cant wait to be a big sister!!!

11/15/08 Found new agency and joined their
Yahoo Group

11/20/08 Found a little Chinese beauty
on a shared list.

11/21/08 Went to Selina's and got the
Letter of intent, Financial form, family
info sheet emailed to her.

11/22/08 Faxed the past homestudy
over to China Coordinator, emailed
passport photos, gave Selina a ref.
letter to fill out. Had our first
homestudy visit.

11/23/08 Gave Grandma ref letter
to fill out and told her. She was a
happy lady.

11/25/08 Doctor visit to sign paper
work. We also recieved our pre~

11/26/08 Got together all the address's
of where I lived since I was 18.

11/27/08 Happy Turkey Day and Happy
B-Day Allie. Recieved the letter back
from Grandma and gave Shannon a fill out.

11/28/08 We got our finger prints
done, Shannon finished the ref.
letter, and I went to Selina's to
complete my autobiography.

11/29/08 We had our second HS
visit, handed in all the paperwork
other than two ref. letters and
Kelly's autobiography. Juile
and Christy finished the ref.

12/01/08 Mailed last two ref
letters to agency. Kelly's auto
biography was email to the
HS agency.

12/03/08 Mailed my B/C to
Secretary of the state.
Purchased Hague trainings

12/06/08 Third homestudy
visit, had various papers

12/10/08 Mailed our application
to the agency, with their fee.

12/13/08 We had are final
Homestudy visit.

12/24/08 Recieved my B/C
and it was certified.

12/31/08 We completed our
Hague Training. Yipee!!!

1/07/09 Was advised our HS
is in the court system to be
approved by the judge.

1/08/09 Both birth certificates
went to the chinese consulates
All but the police clearances.
HS, I800A were authenticated
by Sec of state.

1/09/09 I spoke with China
Coordinator and was advised
they have our HS for review
and to approve.

1/10/09 I mailed all the paper
work that had been authenticated
at the Sec of state this last week
to Red Tape Solution and it will
be taken to the Chinese Consulate
Los Angeles by Wed..Jan 15th.
Mailed my HS fee to the agency
as well.

1/15/09 I picked up are new
Police reports, I recieved a
call yesterday that they
were finished.

1/16/09 I called the agency
and was told that our HS
was approved!

1/19/09 This week we got
in the mail everything sent
to all the chinese consulates
it had all been authenticated

1/21/09 State of AZ approved
our HS.

2/11/09 Our I800A was sent to

2/14/09 We changed Hannah's
middle name to Grace.

02/28/09 NBC called to tell us
we are logged in. Our lid is
02/26/09, reciept date is
02/26/09 and we have a
fingerprinting appt for

03/13/09 Fingerprinting at 8:00am

04/10/09 I800A Approval!!!!

04/16/09 Sec of state to get HS
police clearances, and I 800a
state sealed.

04/16/09 We changed the name for
the last time, she will be Katherine
Elizabeth Yi..Kelly picked out the
middle name.

04/23/09 H/S, Police Clearances,
and I800a sent to Asst Stork.

04/30/09 Recieved everything back
from Asst Stork, and our full dossier
was sent to China Coordinator.

05/01/09 Dossier send to China

05/21/09 We were logged into China

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