Monday, December 7, 2009

Katie Day!

(another update posted by Diana see their China Journal here)
It was an awesome day. We got the Civil Office Building, and we were the third family to get their child. The previous two were crying like mad, they were 3.5yrs. Katie came in with her caretaker and was very quiet, she had her backpack on, and lots of clothes on. She right way bonded with Baba, it was at the hotel she started to like Mama. It was so surreal, it took us back to meeting Allie for the first time. We were lucky enough to meet with both directors and they were both very nice. We will be going to Yiwu ( EEWUH) tomorrow. We get to get a tour at her orphanage, I was very surprised by that. But very happy to go. We will also get her passport tomorrow. She is very protective of her stuff. She's waking up as I type. Enjoy the pics!!

Love,Kelly, Sindy, And Katie

We love you Allison...Katie did have a little meltdown at the Civil Affairs Office :-)


  1. YEA>.. she is BEAUTIFUL...

  2. A Huge Congratulations my friend! Katie is adorable and looks very healthy!




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