Sunday, August 2, 2009

Two Years Ago Today!!!

At approx 9:30am MST, our social worker called and said Ba Jun Yang and I was like what. She said that you had been matched with a beautiful baby girl from Hunan province, she was a little over 8 months old. and she's in foster care. The tricky part was that Kelly had just left for work and that meant that I would have to wait till he got home to see the photos and referral info. So I waited until 8:00pm that night when we could finally celebrate together. That had to have been one of the longest days of my life. Thanks to a good friend of mine, she drove with me 2 hours roundtrip to get the referral packet and she and her mom waited with me till Kelly made it home from work. I would of never dreamed in a million years that Kelly and I could be this happy, our little girl Allie has been a COMPLETE AND UTTER BLESSING IN OUR LIFES. She has made each and every day a better one. We cannot wait to see her in the big sister role. We thank God everyday that he chose her to be our Daughter. We are so blessed!!!!


  1. Happy Referral Day! Referral day is so magical!!!

  2. Happy Referral Day... AMAZING.. I am sooo ready to have this moment..
    Can't wait to see you all together.. ALlie will be the best big sister..

  3. Happy Referral Day! Look at those cheeks!

  4. I totally remember that day and remember seeing another Ba baby and being soooooooo excited. It is so cool to have that connection to you guys and someday when Allie and Mia meet, Im sure they too will have an amazing connection. Congrats on 2 years-- does it trip you out to think that Mia and Allie could have had their referral pictures taken the same day in the same place-- just surreal!!

    Christy :)

  5. Such happy memories! I just found your blog (through RQ) and can't wait to follow your journey. We are adopting a little boy (hope to be DTC within the next week) who will be 6 months older than our daughter. So happy to find someone in a similar situation. Good luck!



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