Monday, June 8, 2009

It's Katie's birthday in China right now!!

I've done nothing but think about our precious little girl today and wish that we were with her celebrating, not that she know's that it's her birthday. After being blessed by our first daughter I never would of dreamed that this was going to happen to Kelly and I again. We are just so darn lucky! If I hadn't been at my agencie's Yahoo Group at the exact minute the shared list came down, this wouldn't of been possible. I will forever be grateful! It was this time last summer
that I knew that we were not done. We are having a little birthday party for her tommarow and I cant wait to see the kids having a good time. I'm getting up super early to make cupcakes for them to decorate and each one of them will have a candle, so they can make a wish for Katie. My only wish is that she's healthy and happy.


  1. Happy Birthday Katie!! Looks like the post worked out!

  2. Happy birthday Katie. We love you so much and hope you are home soon.


  3. Happy Birthday Katie!! I hope you get to join your forever family very soon!

  4. Happy Birthday Katie I wish you are safe and healthy :) I pray that you get to hug your Mommy soon.

  5. Happy Birthday! Wait until you meet your family sweet girl!



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