Thursday, June 18, 2009

An Update From The Director Of Katie's SWI!

I received the email from the orphanage director this morning. I am disappointed that he didn't send any updated pictures of your daughter. The director wrote that according to the regulations of international adoption, the SWI cannot directly send information or pictures of the children to adoption agencies or families. He wrote that he has received the care packet you sent (including the camera and presents). Ni Yi Fei is physically healthy and is developing well. She can walk independently. She is bright and lovely and can say some simple words. The director asked me to let you know not to worry.

I guess we will ALL be suprised, when WE recieve her. Thanks again Diana for bringing the pic to life on the header of her. So we actually have three pics! But they must be over a year old now. EVEN MORE EXCITING was to hear she's HEATHLY, that's the MOST important thing!!!


  1. You will have her in your arms soon girly..
    Love this new look.
    very cute..
    Have a great weekend...

  2. Oh, I hope you are able to see her soon. How great to get any kind of an update. I know how it feels to only have 3 little pictures.

  3. We only had one photo of our 2nd daughter for most of our wait. It was pretty hard to look at her sister (our girls are virtual twins too) and know how much they were both growing and changing. When we finally met Maddy, we almost didn't recognize her. But none of this really matters after you're holding her in your arms. Hopefully you'll be doing that soon!

    By the way, I can tell Katherine is going to have THICK hair!


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