Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Well Were Up And Running!!!

First I have to thank Diana of Custom Blog Designs who made my

vision into a reality. When I spoke with

her several months ago I told her I needed

to do a blog-change to include our newest

blessing from China. This blog captures

just that. I will be using this blog instead

of Life With Allison And Sassie for most

of my posts. But please feel free to look

at our other blog.

We got the best news this week about

Allie's heart murmur, it's innocent so

the doctor is not worried. We will be

going to get an XRAY just in case.

This week will be a busy one as I

will be spending some time with

my Father and Cousin, we have

a BBQ at our house on Saturday

I will also be getting ready for

Katie's birthday party on Tuesday

Just because she's not here doesn't

mean we cant celebrate. I saw this

on an episode of I Love Lucy when

Lucy had a party for Little Ricky

while he was back in New York

and they were in Italy. I will

take pics & some video. We

have about 13-kids comming

and it will be at Aunt Selina's

& Uncle Danny's. I will put the

pics under "For Katie"

Enjoy the new pic of our precious

Katherine Elizabeth Yi



  1. Love your new blog, Hope you get to travel soon to pick up Kate!

  2. Oh honey,

    Your blog looks incredible. Your friend did a GREAT job, it is sooooo cute. I hope we hear some LOA news soon. This wait is so hard!


  3. I found your website at RQ I just wanted to tell you Katherine is beautiful and congratulations

  4. LOVE the new look..
    Can't wait to see the photos of the party..

  5. The new blog is great! Looking forward to keeping up to date on all that is happening, and glad to hear the heart issue is not a major concern.

  6. Beautiful blog! I love the title too :)

  7. Love the new look! It is great! So adorable!



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